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Emma is a Calgary based mixed media artist, curator, and event designer. Founder of ART SPOT and director of over 100 successful exhibitions and workshops, Emma is well known in the arts community. 


With a background in illustration and painting, her style has drastically evolved over the years, integrating photography, inks, resin, and found objects into her work. Emma credits this artistic evolution to the influence of dozens of talented artists she has collaborated and exhibited with over the years. 

In 2012 Emma co founded Studio Cartel, where she delved into new artistic territories including sculpture and installation work. 

In 2020 Emma produced a colouring book called the "Animals of Alberta Colouring Book." This is her first self published work, and she hopes to produce more.

In 2021 Emma formed collective, "Moonlight Collab," with long time friend and local artist, Jessie St Clair. Learn more about this new collective here.

Emma is a diverse artist who enjoys jumping from medium to medium. She is currently producing an illustrative collection. 


Emma is available for commission work, murals, art lessons, artist talks and exhibition. Please contact for more information.




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